Exceeding your expectations is our goal.

The Coloured Diamond Exchange (also known as "The CDX") is a tight knit "team" of experienced professionals working closely together and loving what we do. We boast a special type of teamwork that focuses on the care of our clients and our focus is on determining and achieving your needs and goals.

All of the diamonds we offer are natural and are from conflict free sources. We provide Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds in all sizes and colours and we offer an incredible selection of round and fancy shapes. We supply high quality stones because that's what our clientele demands and we take pride in the fact that we listen to our customers.

Whether you are a serious collector already building a portfolio of coloured diamonds or whether you are brand new to this market trying to figure out what all the excitement is - we can help you and we guarantee to find what you want regardless of budget demands. Whether it's a single specific stone, matching pairs or a parcel of different diamonds we have what you want or we will find it.

It's important to note that each diamond we sell is accompanied by a certificate issued by at least one independent gemological laboratory, certifying your diamond and we are proud to provide our 30 day money back guarantee covering all purchases if items supplied are not as described.