The most famous diamonds throughout history are often named after their owner, their colour, their place of origin, their shape or even a special occasion to which they're connected. Usually not a dull history as these incredibly valuable, rare and beautiful treasures have transcended time and often have been possessed by the famous, the infamous, the historically prominent and many, many royal icons of the past.


As superb samples of true miracles of nature, diamonds have been used for thousands of years to symbolize love, passion, power and royalty. Valued for their elegance, splendour, and certainly their rarity, diamonds have taken a special place among our most precious belongings. Over the years some diamonds have gained so much fame that to just be able to see them in a place where you're close enough to touch them, is considered a treasure in and unto itself.


These magnificent stones have gained notoriety for different reasons or attributes. Some boast record breaking carat weight, for some it's their incredible colour, for others it's the history of their pedigree and sometimes it's a combination of different characteristics that attract so much attention.


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