Coloured diamonds are truly rare. For every 10,000 carats of diamonds that are cut, a mere one-carat may possess fancy colour.


This is among the reasons coloured diamond prices have never gone down at the dealer level during the past thirty years. In fact, prices for the finest quality coloured diamonds have increased in value by an average of between 10%-15% per year, which means that some have, on average, doubled in price every 5 years at the dealer level. There have been pauses, where prices were static or barely increasing, and except for these short pauses, prices of coloured diamonds have gone in only one direction – upwards.


Taking this in to consideration, our Wearable Wealth program will reinvent your coloured diamond investments in to pure luxury. Each creation is unique, high quality and hand crafted to ensure that your jewel blazes with exquisite beauty. Created just for you, this piece will not only dazzle but will also add value to your overall natural coloured diamond investment.


Working with stones you already have or creating something from scratch, we will create your very own exceptional timeless design. Wouldn't you or someone you love, want to wear something stunning, sophisticated and truly unique, allowing you to show off your diamonds...


...While they continue to appreciate in value?


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